Conference Call Tips for Better Productivity

Today, I will serve you a portion of conference call tips to go smooth through your video calls. Enjoy.

Yet at this time with the C19 virus going around the world, all business travelers, including me, are grounded in their offices or homes. On the other hand, business meetings are a must as the world needs to keep on running. Currently, the only way to conduct those meetings is through video conference calls. Whether its an interoffice or global business meeting having the right equipment and the right guideline will help you have a productive meeting.

Signs Your Video Conferencing Equipment is Not Right

One thing to stall productivity is the lack of good video conference call equipment. This failure can make or break an important conference call and lead to terrible results. Here are some signs telling you that you need to upgrade your video conference equipment:

  1. Calls are dropped and your callers are having a terrible time dialing back in
  2. Technology delays stop fluid conversations and slow proceedings down
  3. Voices are distorted or interrupted due to audio technological failures
  4. Callers cannot undo the mute control and others are disconnected all together

Anyone or all of those 4 difficulties can hinder productivity making the conference call a waste of time. A good conference call tips checklist will help you set up the conference call the right way and keep your meeting on track

Use the Best Conference Call Hardware

This is the best way to make your staff or business meetings more productive when everyone is scattered across town or located around the world. Using the right hardware minimizes delays, confusion and helps everyone see and hear what is important.

Here are some of the top hardware you need to use:

  • Best conference call headset – that’s the must-have accessory for conference calls. I recommend you to read my best call conference headset review to know which features are important and what will help you to pick the right headset.
  • Top audio speakers – this is a good alternative for a headset of course if you have a quiet room where you will not disturb anyone with the loudspeaker. You will find the top models review in my article on how to pick the best call conference speaker.
  • Wide-angle HD camera – this lets everyone see you, what you are doing, and keeps everything visually clear. Read on my article about the best video conference cameras to know more.
  • Advanced microphone – it does do any good to have a conference call if you cannot be heard. The best mics you can use will make sure every word is picked up and transmitted to those top speakers
  • High-performance processor – you are transmitting a lot of data your processor has to be up to snuff to handle the traffic without any lag time
  • Use an all in one device– this saves you from having a technician on hand to set everything up
  • Laptops – the one advantage laptops have over PC monitors are the built-in cameras. The new cameras are sophisticated and do not damage as easily as webcams can
  • HDTV – the bigger, the better. You need everyone to see what is going on and this device handles that task for you
  • Wireless router with a high-speed internet connection – you want one that can handle the traffic and transfer the data without any delays
  • Whiteboard or a Smartboard – using these business items helps you solve problems even when your people are miles away

Turn to The Best Conference Call Software

You may have the best conference call hardware all hooked up but if the software is inferior or lacking quality, you have wasted your money. On top of using the best hardware you need to have the best software to make sure your meetings are productive.

Conference Calls Software – Top Players

Here is a short list of top players on conference calls software you can use:

  1. GoToMeeting one click does it all and a push of a button calls the meeting or lets you join in. As long as your device is supported you can click your way to a productive meeting
  2. Skype for business and Microsoft Teams – this is the company that started it all. Over the years it has been improved and is now one of the best software programs for productive conference calls. It uses text, voice, and video to get your message across
  3. Zoom – this software package is rivaling the others because it is affordable, flexible, and is very easy to use. Plus, it comes with a lot of features that facilitate communication and work
  4. Cisco Webex – its strength is its ability to work with businesses of all sizes. The company is an expert in network connections which should keep everyone at the meeting connected and up to speed

If you need more details about each of this software, read my post about the best video conference software.

Conference Calls Software – Niche Software

Here are some alternative you should also consider:

  1. Flock – this is software that is specifically designed to connect your people and boost productivity. It uses a cloud-based operation making your meetings more efficient
  2. Ring Central Video – you get to hook up anyone and every one no matter where they are located and no matter which device they have to use. As long as that device is supported it can hook up to the call
  3. Lifesize – your conference calls are only as good as the technology you use. This software program has 4K capability and provides seamless communication for better productivity
  4. Ryver – when you want fast transmission of documents you get it with this software package. Its system is based on the cloud giving you and your staff a faster way to communicate.
  5. High Five – tries to do it all. Not only is it a software package for conference calls, it helps provide the right hardware to make sure your meetings go off smoothly. HD Video and Dolby Audio are part of this package
  6. Zoho Cliqq– This is available in a free and a premium package. That flexibility lets you design your conference calls accordingly and make them more productive. The systems use text, video, and audio communication.

Conference Call Etiquette For Productive Meetings

How you structure your meetings and behave will let you know if they are going to be productive or not. To avoid wasting time, here are some key conference call tips for making sure your conference call meetings are productive:

  • Create an agenda – if you do not know where you are going, your call members will be confused, distracted, and drift away. Stick to the agenda you have made and make sure it outlines time frames and who is in charge of which section
  • Send out clear dial-in instructions – nothing is worse for productivity when key people cannot access the conference call. Make sure the instructions are very clear and everyone has them in time before the meeting.
  • Test your equipment – this is not a last-minute activity. Make sure that all devices dialing in can connect, have a clear signal, and make sure the software and hardware are working as they should.
  • Be prepared – if you want productivity make sure you have the data, figures, and reports you need to do your part well. Being unprepared delays the call and hinders productivity
  • Layout the rules – this is a notice every one should get in advance s they can plan accordingly. Pick the important phone conference guidelines that will work best for you and your meeting. Then send a copy to everyone so they know what is expected of them
  • Use the dashboard– you will have to make executive decisions and mute noisy people, have a private sidebar conversation, and other duties that come with conference calls. So use the tools on the dashboard included with your software package
  • Mute your line – when it is not your turn to speak cut your mic so you do not distract from others who have the floor. If someone asks you a question it is not difficult to unmute and answer it.
  • Don’t love the sound of your voice– keep your comments short and to the point. Make sure others have a chance to speak and stay away from being long-winded. You may end up boring people undermining your productivity
  • Wait your turn – one of the things that hinder productivity is someone who interrupts others or talks over them. Wait your turn that way you do not annoy all the participants and you can get the work done faster and more efficiently
  • Find a quiet room (if possible) – you do not want outside noise, pets, or kids making unnecessary noise when you are talking or trying to hear what the other person is saying. Productivity depends on everyone being able to hear clearly

Some Final Words About Conference Call Tips

The conference call tips for a productive conference call involve three key areas. First, you have to have the right hardware, or you may be frustrated by delays, broken connections, or people who are muted for no reason. Having top of the line equipment may be a bit more expensive but it pays off in the end when the call is productive and gets work done.

Second, you need to use the right software. Like having the right hardware the connection to others, the data you need to share, and so on depends on access. That access comes from using the right software that connects everyone correctly. Not only can you share information but you can hear their opinions as well as see who you are talking to.

Finally, you need to practice the right conference call etiquette if you want a productive meeting. Without this you may be participating in a business mess where nothing gets done.

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