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Hi again! In this post, I’m collecting the major players on the flight claim management market to make a small summary which should help you to pick the best one. All featured companies run their business in the no win, no fee model. It means that you pay nothing unless they will win your case. This article is a part of my flight delay compensation guidebook where you can find more detailed posts on how to apply for the flight claim compensation.

Methods to Apply for Flight Claim Compensation

There are two ways to apply for compensation. The first one is to do it on your own. But keep in mind the latest reports showing that 70% of customers who attempt to contact the airlines regarding claims for the bad flight are rejected or ignored. Moreover, Claim Flights company research shows that only 5% of all air passengers use their right to claim delayed flights.

I would like to encourage you to know your rights and try to deal with the airline on your own. To facilitate this task I would recommend you to read my plane delay compensation step by step for EU flights. You will find there all the necessary information about this process.

But of course, taking the above statistics into account it can be difficult to do it alone. Therefore you have the possibility to use the third party company to do the job for you. They will take care of all administrative work. As I mentioned, the companies in the summary are working in the no win, no fee model and they will not charge you for this administrative work unless they will win the case. Then, you will need to share your benefit with them (on average 25% of your compensation amount).

How to pick the best company for flight claim compensation

There is a number of different companies on the market and it can be difficult to decide which will take care of your case in the best way. Of course, you can say: that’s easy – you just need to look for those which take the less of winning amount. But in reality, it’s not the whole story. In addition to price, other things are just as important when choosing a flight claim company. I was thinking about what else should be taken into account and I came up with the following criterion:

  • Can you trust this company? The claim management company handles hundreds of Euros for each of thousands of customer. The amounts can be huge and you have to trust the claim management company that they will handle your case in a correct way and pay your money to you. That’s why you will find in the summary for each company a score in Trustpilot evaluation. You can read there some more from satisfied and dissatisfied customers.
  • The claim company needs to understand the European legal systems and have contacts to European lawyers in different European countries. You have to trust them to judge about your case in a correct way. That’s why it’s good to know some details about the company. I think the minimum you should know is:
    • how big it is,
    • where is located
    • how long it is on the market

Flight claim management companies summary

Below summary was created in June 2018 and the information below is public, easy to find on the pages or official social media profiles of each company. The simulation of compensation fee calculation takes as an assumption living in Europe and we are applying for 600 EUR and the case has to be presented in front of the court.

#Flight claim management companiesSuccess feeCompany's fee [EUR]Compensation received [EUR]Success rate in courtTrust pilot score:On the market since:Company located in:How big is the company
1AirHelp25% + Legal action fee 25% to present in court = 50%300300 95,0%9.32013USA, NY501–1000 employees
2Claim Flights25% + VAT = 29,75%150450No data9.62014Germany, Bonn11–50 employees
3Claim4Flights25% success fee + VAT = 29,75% plus £25 per passenger admin fee207393Np. data9.22011UK,1-10 employees
4Flightright25% success fee + VAT = 29,75%178.5421.599,0%8.62010Germany, Potsdam, Brandenburg51–200 employees
5refund.me25% success fee + VAT = 29,75%178.5421.598,0%8.52012Germany, Potsdam11–50 employees
6FairPlane25% success fee + VAT = 29,75% and £25 Admin Fee plus 20739398,5%7.22015UK, Harlow, Essex1-10 employees
7ClaimAir25%15045095,0%5.92014Czech Republic, Prague1-10 employees
8aireclaim25%15045090,0%3.82015Portugal, Porto1-10 employees

VAT quotes are dependent on your country of residence (in Europe).

Final word

If you would ask me which company is my personal pick, I would say that my personal choice is always between Airhelp and Claim Flights.

And usually, Airhelp wins 🙂 Why? You will know after reading my Airhelp Review article on how with their help, I managed to get compensation for a delayed flight, despite previous unsuccessful attempts to settle it on my own.

Airhelp is the biggest player on the market with a very good reputation and long presence on the market. Some people may say that they take almost 50% if your case will reach the court but believe me – most common this will be not necessary (short to say, airlines know they are likely to win), so take this possibility as the worst-case scenario. In the majority of cases, you will be charged with just 25% of your benefit – it’s not a lot taking into account how easy it is to deal with their mobile app – you just upload your boarding pass with a built-in scanner, take a photo to upload supporting documents and that’s it. Later you just get notifications about your claim, as they happen. Easy peasy – with just a couple of taps, you’ve submitted your claim!

Besides that, they have pretty cool feature – your air travel map. If you let Airhelp crawl your email, they will automatically get all the air travels tickets and make present it on the kind of map with your statistics (countries visited, flight time and more) – an awesome thing to share on social media :-).

That’s it for today. I will keep updating this post to have always fresh information. Share if you like and write some comments what are your experiences with such companies.

Featured image source: pixabay.com

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  1. I would like just to point at one mistake you have in listed claim companies table.
    Actually “Claim Flights” do charge VAT % next to their percent, and amount depends from which EU country you are. Only in case you are out of EU countries, allegedly they will not charge VAT %. But for EU countries it does.
    Thank you

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