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As you might notice, currently I’m quite deep in the video conferencing software. That’s mainly caused by the Covid-19 situation and lockdowns around the world. Unfortunately, nobody knows how long will it last, that’s why I’m sharing with you ways to keep in contact with your business partners around the world. Today, it’s time for GoToMeeting review – one of the best conference software on the market.

Business travel is good

Doing business the old fashioned way was great. You got to know who you were working with and saw their strengths and weaknesses before anything major was decided.

Yet as good as business travel is and was, there are situations that it just doesn’t work if your company currently doesn’t have the budget for this type of business meeting or the government has locked everyone down.

In this case, you need the best video conference software to get things done and details worked out over the internet. Following my video conference software review, GoToMeeting seems to be the answer to such kind of business situation. This GoToMeeting review will point out the GoToMeeting difference.

Is GoToMeeting Worth the Cost?

They say you get what you pay for but with this company, you may be getting more than you are paying for. This GoToMeeting review focuses on user experience, the GoTo Meeting difference as well as the cost of using this software.

With GoToMeeting pricing, you are getting a lot of benefits no matter which plan you sign up for. First, there is a professional plan which costs you $12 a month if billed annually. It allows for up to 150 participants to take part in the meeting along with providing some basic features.

The Business plan is $16 a month and as you would expect it offers more features than the professional plan, including allowing 250 participants, but not as many as the enterprise plan which allows for 3,000 people to take part in a meeting.

In head to head comparisons with several of its competitors, GoToMeeting beat them in apps supported, customer service, pricing, and typical customers. Only Mailfloss matched them in customer types.

This is what makes GoToMeeting a better option price-wise. You can pick the program you want at the price you want and still get top-notch service and reach. The annual billing provides some peace of mind as you won’t lose the service from one month to the next.

GoToMeeting Review Pros and Cons

You could already read about my experience with GoToMeeting software in one of the previous articles about video conference software. This time I was curious about what other reviewers think about this software. Here is what I found on the web.

#1. One user liked the low cost of the product and stated that it was easy to use and had the basics needed for webinars.

Their negative reaction was that the dial-in process was not easy for older participants to follow or use. They wanted a one-click function instead of the current method.

#2. The next reviewer liked the fact that different people could use different devices to connect to the meeting. This option did not interfere with IOS app operation making the meeting good for everyone.

One problem this user noticed was that the 3D app froze the software from time to time especially when detailed models were being viewed.

#3. The third user liked how his staff members could jump in on a meeting for free. They also liked the fact that their connections were always without hassles or problems.

There is always one user in the crowd where a cheap price is not cheap enough and he wanted to have the cost to use this software lowered.

#4. Then there are those users who like the current price and find it is a lot cheaper than the competitors’ pricing

There only negative comment was that the restart function did not always work for him or her

#5. This reviewer liked the cost as it was a cheap way to bring large groups of people together. It was an easy solution to hosting webinars and conference calls.

His or her negative point was that for large groups, for example over 50 people, it was hard to communicate with everyone. Also, the lower end pricing plans were limited in the functions and features they offered.

What Does GoToMeeting Do Best?

This is an important question. When one wants to cut business travel costs they need to know what type of software they can use as a replacement. The operation of the software is the key to this business decision.

  • Pricing – GoToMeeting review found out that this company beats most of its competitors in this category. Saving you money while providing top quality service is a good business decision and helps you trim that business travel budget
  • Features – in some cases this company provides more features to make your call a success than their competitors do. In some cases, that difference may only be 1 but 1 is still enough to help your meetings go smoother
  • Support – in most cases GoToMeeting provides more avenues of customer support than other companies doing the same thing. That means you can get satisfaction faster
  • Participants – this software beats most of its competitors in participants. Not all but most. GoToMeeting works with freelancers, small, medium, and large businesses to make sure everyone has a chance to use their software. Many companies cut out the freelancers and the small businesses
  • Platforms supported – here too GoToMeeting is compatible with web-based clients, iPhone, and Android users. Other companies only focus o web-based users limiting the number of people who can join the meeting unless they have a web connection.
  • Security – GoToMeeting software seems to be equipped with top-notch security that rivals or surpasses the competition. That makes your meetings safe and free from spies

Some of GoToMeeting’s Unique Qualities

There are always advantages in using the software this company offers. In this section, our GoToMeeting review focuses on those unique advantages that other companies may not have.

  1. Full control of equipment – if someone is having trouble with their equipment you can take it over and help them out.
  2. Sharing documents is easy – this can be done in real-time and very fast. It is so fast you would think it was instantaneous. There are also add ons that help you customize your meetings to make sure data is shared smoothly
  3. Access – one of the unique features of this software is that all a person needs is a data connection and they can join the meeting. That means if they are working remotely, they do not have to be brought up to speed at a later date. They can be there when the meeting takes place
  4. Large numbers – their business plan allows for up to 250 people to participate in the meeting. Their enterprise plans have room for about 3,000 which means no one has to miss out on what you are presenting. You get a lot of flexibility with this software
  5. Record meetings – this is another top feature that comes with the GoToMeeting software. If your sick, unable to attend and soon you can have the meeting recorded and watch it when you are available. You do not miss a thing
  6. Integration – lots of options here including Google Chrome, Calendar, or other programs that help maximize productivity. That is what these meetings are all about
Lean Traveller Guide Pro Tip:
Visit GoToMeeting Tips & Tricks on GoToMeeting site to know more about not obvious GTM features.

What I Do Not Like in GoToMeeting

This GoToMeeting review would not be complete if the negative side was not talked about. To get a full picture of the company you need to know some of the disadvantages to see if this is the right software for you and your business.

  1. Connection – your internet connection needs to be trouble-free and basically perfect to get the best results from this software. The program has no way to recover if there are gaps in your internet service. Meetings need to be restarted.
  2. Meetings – Meetings- there is a problem when people join or exit the meeting. There are beeps or chimes that sound whenever someone enters or exits the meeting. Fortunately, the organizers have the key settings to turn those noises off.
  3. Call in process – under normal circumstances the software connection works flawlessly. But there may be times when there is a glitch or other problem and you may have trouble signing in.
  4. Can’t hear – this is a possibility and they happen for a number of reasons. You may have selected the wrong audio output device or the wrong audio mode. Both can be corrected as can other issues that keep you from hearing the others speak.
  5. Bandwidth – this software requires a minimum of 1 Mbps of bandwidth at all times to function correctly. It may not seem like much if you stay in a big city but remote areas may have trouble reaching that level.

Some Final Words

In reading this GoToMeeting review you should have received all the information you needed about this company and software. It seems like a great alternative as the company keeps its rates low.

Plus, many people who have actually used this program have had a very good experience with it. When you want to cut business travel expenses, then you should investigate GoToMeeting as it tops its competitors in almost every area of service.

That is something worth investigating. Cutting your costs and limiting your expenses shows your good business judgment. That is a quality that is hard to come by these days. When you want to have online meetings use the best software out there and that may just be GoToMeeting.

As the best call conference software is the base, don’t forget about the right hardware – check my reviews of the best call conference headset, best call conference speakers, and the best video conference camera to know how to improve the sound quality of your meetings.

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