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This summer I took my kids to Germany. The first priority destination was Cologne where we wanted to visit Gamescom 2019 – the biggest games fair trade in the world. Taking the opportunity of going to Germany, we decided to jump in for two days to Legoland Deutschland.

Destination – Legoland Deutschland in Günzburg

Legoland is located in a small town called Günzburg which belongs to the Bavaria region. In my opinion, it’s one of the best “lands” in Germany (land is the administrative region in Germany) – green meadows upon small hills with lots of trees and farmlands indicate that local people have a good and peaceful life here. I do not feel comfortable in busy cities so that’s why I fell in love with the local nature at first sight.

Legoland Deutschland main gate
Legoland Deutschland gate

Tickets to Legoland Deutschland

We bought the tickets to Legoland via the website. If you want to do the same, you can use this link. We decided to buy tickets for two days – Sunday and Monday. Monday was a backup as we were not sure about the weather and we thought that one day would be not enough to see everything.

Well, this plan did not work because on Sunday, we had a whole day of sun and clear sky and we managed to see all the attractions in one day and on Monday it was raining. If I would ever go there again I would do different – I would buy one day ticket with priority access (pay more and you can skip the lines to most of the attractions).


You have a few options on how to find accommodation when visiting Legoland Deutschland:

  • Stay at the Legoland Holliday Village (check prices on – looking at the photos on their website this looks like the biggest fun. The hotel is located in the Lego Castle with all interiors in Lego style design.
  • Book a hotel in Günzburg or in surrounding towns (check accommodation in Günzburg on
  • Find Airbnb place – this is the option we decided to opt for. The house was located 5 kilometers from Legoland in a peaceful small village called Bibertal. This place was a really good choice – clean, well equipped and host Manfred was really kind. If you would like to book the same location you can use this link.

And here is a bonus from me – using this link to register on Airbnb, you will get around 25 EUR discount from Airbnb on your first booking.

Airbnb Accommodation

Attractions in Legoland Deutschland

Legoland Deutschland is organized in 9 areas. I will post some photos of each to give you the feeling about this place. But before you will scroll down, take a look at my video footage from Legoland Deutschland:

3 minutes video from our visit in Legoland Deutschland

1. Pharaohs’ Land

Egyptian style area with 3 rides: Desert X-cursion, Temple Xpedition, and Pyramid Rallye. In my opinion, the last one is the best – working in teams you act as the fire brigade and your task is to extinguish the fire and return to the starting place.

Egiptiona Fire Brigades

2. Lego Ninjago World

In this area, you have to try the interactive 4D Lego Ninjago ride. This one is our favorite attraction in Legoland Deutschland.

Lego Miniland and Lego City areas

3. Miniland – The World Built from Lego

Right at the entrance to Legoland, you’ll come across the Miniland – hundreds of Lego constructions reflecting well-known buildings, attractions, monuments, and cities rebuilt on the scale of 1:20. Just take a look at the photos below.

Berlin’s Reichstag
Miniland in Legoland Deutschland
Miniland in Legoland Deutschland
Venice – St. Mark’s Square
Miniland in Legoland Deutschland
Highest sky scrappers in the world
Miniland in Legoland Deutschland
Miniland in Legoland Deutschland
Allianz Arena
Miniland in Legoland Deutschland
My guess is …
Miniland in Legoland Deutschland
… that it’s the Netherlands
Miniland in Legoland Deutschland

Lego Star Wars Exhibition

One of the most famous series of Lego is Lego Star Wars. This theme has a dedicated exhibition crated from 1,5 mln of bricks:

Crash on Jakku
Naboo Palace
Battle Of Kashyyyk
Millennium Falcon
Battle of Hoth
Rebel hangars on Hoth

4. Lego City

Besides many cool constructions like the giraffe below, Lego City is the home of Powerbuilder attraction. It’s a six-axis Kuka robot which swings you in 360 degrees. My daughter was going to kill me after this ride…

Giraffe in Lego City area
In the far distance Ninjago and 4D cinema, closer – Duplo zone

5. Imagination

Here it’s worth to go to the Lego Police Station where you can find a really cool mirror’s labyrinth and Kids Power Tower for climbing the rope. Besides that, you can look at the park from the Observation Tower.

Laser fields in Police Station attraction

6. Lego X-Treme

Lego Race coaster looks like a really cool attraction but unfortunately, we were not able to take this ride as my daughter began to be afraid of all fast rides – that was the effect of Powerbuilder attraction… It means that from now on we could pick only the “soft” rides like Aquazone Wave Racers.

Aquazone Wave Racers ride

Another two great things in this area – the Atlantis Aquarium and Lego Studios. In Atlantis, you can see many kinds of sea creatures including sharks (see the movie few paragraphs above) and Lego Studio shows a short 4D movie about Ninjago with wind and water effects.

Atlantis at Legoland Deutschland
Atlantis aquarium
Jellyfish in Atlantis

Knights Kingdom

This is the home of Fire Dragon – the biggest rollercoaster in Legoland Deutschland. As I mentioned above, that was no go for us due to my daughter’s fear of speed and heights. For her, it was just too much. That’s why we were riding on the smaller coaster in this area called Dragon Hunt.

Legoland Deutschland from above
Panorama of Legoland Deutschland – on the right Castle of Dragon – the biggest rollercoaster in Legoland Deutschland
Mr. Beaver

Adventure Land

In this part of Legoland, you will find Jungle X-pedition ride the free fall in a boat. 100% you will get wet there so it’s not recommended for bad weather. We had luck as Sunday was sunny, so we tried it and of course, we were all wet soon after the start.

Legoland Deutschland from above
Pharaohs’ Land part and Adventure Land

Pirate Land

This is just two attractions: Captain Nick’s Splash Battle and Pirate School. On the first one, you will get wet and the second it’s just a swinging boat. These two were not our favorite ones.

Shops and Restaurants in Legoland Deutschland

Each area has its own food court and shops. Nothing fancy, just fast food. Unfortunately, you have to pay for that fast food like it was a dish in a good restaurant…

Of course, kids didn’t want to leave Legoland with empty hands. Just at the exit from the park, you will find a big Lego shop with all kinds of Lego sets. As you can see below picture, kids had a chance to hunt some of their favourite Legos.

Leaving Legoland Deutschland
Kids will not leave Legoland with empty hands

What Else You Need To Know About Legoland Deutschland?

Answering the question from the header I think it’s worth to mention that Legoland is a very busy place, especially in the high season. We thought that if we will pick Monday, then there will be no crowds. We were wrong… Legoland is full of people also after weekends. Even more – bad weather neither scares people to come there. So my guess is that it’s better to go off the season or buy the priority entrance to all attractions – read about this option on the tickets booking at Legoland Deutschland website.

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Photos and  featured image: Lucas

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