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I guess you know that when it comes to flights, sometimes things don’t go as planned… Therefore denied boarding compensation is the least that an airline can do for you in exchange for your inconvenience. And believe me, this can cause some stress including boarding another flight, rebooking or coming back home a day or more later than expected. The consequences may cost you much or at least you will disappoint your family or partners… This ultimate guide on denied boarding is a part of my series of articles called Flight claim compensation and will give you all necessary information about what to do if you face this issue on your own. Read on for the answers and other relevant details.

What is a denied boarding?

Flights need booking. Therefore, you do that and receive your flight ticket. In other cases, it may be a document affirming a registration as well as an acceptance for it. That day finally arrives, and you head to the airport. However, upon arrival at the gate to board the plane, you are denied access by the airline. Have you ever experienced that? I guess no… you have just faced the denied boarding.

What is Denied Boarding Compensation?

Denied boarding compensation is what you get for inconveniences caused by denial boarding. It can be monetary, or you can reach an agreement regarding the same.

When can you claim for a denied boarding compensation?

You are eligible for the same if these are the circumstances under the denial like:

1. Overbooking by the airline

This is mostly the reason why many people suffer the fate of denied boarding. Many airlines have a tendency to overbook their flights. That is a situation whereby they sell tickets that exceed the number of the seats on a particular plane. That may result in a need to deny some passengers a chance to board it. The reason is obvious. Where will the ‘excess’ passengers sit? Don’t they know that it could cost them a lot in case of denied boarding compensation? I am almost sure that they are aware of that. Despite that, they still take the risk. It begs this question. Why do they do it regardless?

It is not a secret that the airlines are in this for the money. After all, it is a business like any other. Even after flight booking, not all the people with confirmed reservations show up. The companies know that it is a possibility. Therefore, they take it as an opportunity to make even more profit. To take advantage of such a scenario, they confirm more tickets than seats. They take the chance that not everyone will come. Therefore, there will be no excess passengers, eventually.

Not all days are Christmas. The airlines also know that what they are doing is gambling. There are those times when everyone shows up. Consequently, they deny passengers a chance to board. Subsequently, they claim for denial boarding compensation.

2. A Cancelled Flight Compensation

I have not been a victim of the above, but this one is based on personal experience. The plane I was to board was to take off at quarter to 2 in the afternoon. To be on the safe side, with the unpredictable traffic, I was at the airport around one. As I entered the plane, there was an announcement regarding a canceled flight. As much as it was terrible news, I had a reason not to be sad. It was not my flight. The commotion and noises that followed were making the airport unbearable. However, I just had to cope with the same for less than an hour.

Within no time, an attendant announced our flight. It turned out that it was not yet time to celebrate. The reason is that the passengers on the canceled flight were taking our positions. With such a situation, denied boarding compensation was necessary.

3. Arriving at your destination more than 3 hours later

If due to denied boarding and a consequent re-routing you reach the terminal late. It should be after 3 hours or more than the original arrival time. If that is the case, you have a right to ask for denied boarding compensation. To know a little bit more I suggest reading my article on how you can get remuneration up to 600 EUR from your carrier: Plane delay compensation step by step for EU flights.

What do Airlines do to avoid denied boarding compensation?

It is a legal requirement that the firm asks volunteers to step forward. If you agree to that, your case will not be a denied boarding. You will be giving up the seat in favor of another person. You could take advantage of that if your flight is not urgent. However, that sacrifice comes with benefits. Do not hesitate to take advantage of that. Why do the airlines prefer that? That is because it saves them legal battles, adverse publicity or denied flight compensation. In addition to that, those with urgent flights get priority which is fair to all parties.

The bonuses to the volunteer

Whether you can get little or much depends on your bargaining capabilities. Eventually, you and the company reach an agreement. Below are some benefits.

  • A voucher
  • A trip at no cost
  • Bonus card
  • Hotel reservations
  • Money
  • Another flight on a higher class at a later date

Nevertheless, if there lack volunteers, denied boarding compensation becomes the only alternative.

Refunding or re-routing options as denied boarding compensation

First of all, there is your right to either refunding or re-routing. In this case, you have three options.

Option #1

The airline can refund your ticket. The waiting period for the refund should be a week which is equivalent to 7 days. If need be, request for a return flight to where you had come from in the first place.

Option #2

You can also demand another ticket. It will be to your destination but will happen later. You are at liberty to determine the new date.

Option #3

The organization could book you another flight with the same destination. If that is not possible, but there are other means, the airline should facilitate another mean. That can be a train or bus ticket.

In addition to that, you can claim other things. They include meals, drinks, transport from the hotel to the airport and accommodation.

Another Alternative as denied boarding compensation

When you don’t settle for another flight or a re-routing, you can claim for monetary compensation. However, that only happens if you arrive at least 3 hours after the original arrival time for Europe. In this case, your denied boarding compensation claim turns to plane delay compensation claim. When it comes to America, the delay must be more than 2 and 4 hours for domestic and international flights, respectively. Below are the figures for America and Europe.

Denied Boarding Compensation in Europe

Its determiner is the length of the flight. The statistics below as per the Regulation (EC) 261/2004.

  • If the distance is 1500 km or less, the amount is €250.
  • When the distance ranges from 1500 to 3500 km, the compensation is €400.
  • For a distance larger than 3500 km, you should receive €600.

For more details read my article Plane delay compensation step by step for EU flights.

Denied Boarding Compensation in the United States

Its determiner is the price of your ticket. The numbers are as follow:

  • For a maximum of $675 one-way fare, you get 200% of what you paid.
  • You will get 400% of the price of your ticket for a price between $676 and $1350.

When you can not apply for a denied boarding compensation?

  1. If you checked-in late,
  2. If you didn’t arrive at the gates on time,
  3. When you are a threat to safety or health of other passengers,
  4. When you give up your seat voluntarily,
  5. If you miss your ID documents or appropriate traveling documents,
  6. An unaccompanied deaf or blind passenger,
  7. A woman who is in the ninth month of pregnancy. Nevertheless, they can board if they have a doctor’s note indicating that they are okay to travel. The letter should not be more than three days old,
  8. Failure to comply with the rules of the airline,
  9. Being under the influence of drugs,
  10. Inappropriate passenger behavior.

How to claim denied boarding compensation

Once you realize that you are legible for a denied boarding compensation, you have three options.

Claim it yourself

Here is a quick guideline on how to do that:

  1. Contact the airline. It is the airline that compensates and not the company that you booked with in case of a denial boarding.
  2. Whichever option the company offers as a means of communication, describe the happenings.
  3. Go ahead and involve an adjudicator of the airline. If there is none, go for a regulator. A good example is a National Enforcement Body (NEB).
  4. If you are not happy with the decision, take the matter to court. That introduces the next option.

If you would like to know more details on this option, you will find all about it in my article: plane delay compensation step by step.

Do it through a lawyer

With their legal knowledge, they can assist accordingly.

Ask assistance from a claims management company

If you would like to look for a company that assists in such matters, take a look in my summary of top flight claim management companies. You will find there all the necessary answers.

Final Word

Above text delivers all that you need to know about denied boarding compensation. So just to resume:

  1. You know when to claim it.
  2. In addition to that, there are the benefits in case of denied boarding as well as the monetary value to receive.
  3. With that and the claiming options, it is easy to claim the compensation.

I hope this could help you to fight for your compensation. I always do my best to assist my mates’- travelers. If you liked this post,  maybe you would like to share it with your friends 🙂 ?

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