Guidebook on Compensation for Delayed or Cancelled Flight

flight delay compensationThis guidebook will answer all your questiond regarding compensation for delayed or cancelled flights. This category contain all articles on flight issues and how to get compensation for that. You will find here all the step by step guides covering:

  • how to deal with plane delays,
  • what to do in case of flight cancellation
  • you rights in case of denial of boarding.
Flight Delay Compensation Calculator

Flight Delay Compensation Calculator Based on EU241 Directive

Today I'm going to share with you the on-line Flight Delay Compensation Calculator which you can use to determine if ...
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ANAC Resolution 400 Flight Compensation - Passenger Rights in Brazil

ANAC Resolution 400 Flight Compensation – Passenger Rights in Brazil

In this article, I'm going to tell you what are your rights in case your Brazilian flight is delayed, canceled ...
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No Win No Fee Flight Compensation - featured image

No Win No Fee Flight Compensation – How it Works?

Have you ever heard about no win no fee flight claims companies? If not, then you have a great opportunity ...
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The Most Punctual Airlines in 2018

The Most Punctual Airlines in 2018

Traveling is all about time. The more you are able to predict how long will it take to get to ...
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Airhelp Review - featured image

Airhelp Review – How I Got Compensation For a Delayed Flight

This time I'm going to deliver you the text on Airhelp review - a flight claim management company. In short, ...
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US flight delay compensation

US flight delay compensation – a step by step guide on how to get yours

Maybe not everyone but roughly over 900 000 airline passengers per year qualify for some sort of compensation when their ...
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denied boarding compensation

Denied boarding compensation – the ultimate guide

I guess you know that when it comes to flights, sometimes things don’t go as planned... Therefore denied boarding compensation ...
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flight claim

Top flight claim companies – how to pick the best flight claim management company? (update: October 2019)

Hi again! In this post, I'm collecting the major players on the flight claim management market to make a small ...
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What to do if flight is cancelled

What to do if flight is cancelled?

If you check the recent numbers on flight delays you can find out that it's not a rare event. Just in ...
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Plane delay compensation

Flight Delay Compensation Step by Step for EU Flights (update: May 2019)

If you ever traveled by airplane, it could happen that your flight was delayed, canceled, rebooked, you missed connecting flight or you were ...
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