Travel tips and tricks – how to be efficient at the destination.

How to be efficient at your destination CategoryThis category groups the posts which will provide you travel tips and tricks like:

  • how to say hello and communicate in daily talks in different languages,
  • which kind of gear and software you need to take with you to stay connected abroad
  • how to pick the best accommodation and transport
  • and more…

Travel tips and tricks posts

How to Get Medical Help in China as a Foreigner

I Got Sick in China – How to Get Medical Help in China as a Foreigner

In December 2018 I was on a business trip to Shanghai. I've been there dozens of times before, but this ...
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Best VPN for China featured image

Best VPN for China – The Complete Guide to Connect The Free Internet While Traveling

Currently, in China, the free Internet does not exist. It is constantly being censored and monitored by the government. If ...
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best gifts for travelers - featured image

Best Gifts for Travelers – 27 gadgets which will increase your comfort and productivity

Nowadays you can select among tons of travel gadgets which helps you survive the travel. I've decided to crawl into this ...
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Business travel tips to reduce 7 types of waste.

Business travel tips to reduce 7 types of waste.

Why do we search the web for business travel tips and travel hacks? The answer is simple - because traveling ...
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Chinese culture for first-time travelers

Fast guide through China and Chinese culture for first-time travelers

Recently I was looking through my photos from China. Some of them remind me about the differences between European and ...
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how to tip

How to tip around the world – the ultimate guide

To tip or not to tip? This is the question... This is tricky because unfortunately there is no main rule ...
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what to do in shanghai

What to do in Shanghai if you have two days free?

Shanghai is the biggest city proper in the world (at least that’s what ‘uncle Google’ tells us). It is also ...
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best souvenirs

The best souvenirs to buy in Asia, Europe and America

Whenever I travel in business to a country I have never been before I'm trying to grab some of the ...
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How to say hello in different languages

How to say hello in different languages – basic phrases which will impress your business partners

Say Ni hao! to greet people in China and you will earn their respect. This is common in all countries all ...
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How to pack for a business trip

How to Pack for a Business Trip and Don’t Forget Anything

It is not a secret that what you will pack into your suitcase will make your trip pleasant or will ...
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Using WhatsApp in China

Using WhatsApp in China – how to stay connected behind Great Wall

I remember my first trip to China and how I was surprised when I noticed that the majority of my ...
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