Beyond business travels – holiday guide

Beyond business travels CategoryThe ultimate holiday guide collection is the series of articles about my travels around the world. Each trip is described in details with a load of photos and valuable tips and tricks. Among others, you will find there:

  • things to do in Barcelona.
  • how did I conquer Greenland?
  • adventures in Iceland,
  • visit the beautiful Tuscany,
  • and more…

read on for more interesting content.

Holiday guide collection

One Week in Amsterdam - featured picture

What to See Having One Week in Amsterdam

Some time ago I agreed with my wife that we will visit at least one European city each year. Just ...
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Backpacking in Iceland - featured image

Backpacking in Iceland – How to Visit the Whole Country in Two Weeks

Two weeks ago, my friends asked me if I could give them some tips regarding backpacking in Iceland. As I ...
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Best Ski Resorts in Italy - featured image

Best Ski Resorts in Italy – Civetta Ski Region

I've just come back from my winter holidays so it means that I'm going to give you a full review ...
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The Best Place to Ski With Kids - Ortisei Sankt Ulrich

The Best Place to Ski With Kids – Ortisei / Sankt Ulrich Review

I'll tell you the secret - I love skiing. This is my favorite sport - I love it as much ...
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Places to visit in Barcelona

Places to visit in Barcelona when you have a one week off.

Still wondering where to take your wife or girlfriend for a short vacation? Let me give you advice - take ...
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what to do in shanghai

What to do in Shanghai if you have two days free?

Shanghai is the biggest city proper in the world (at least that’s what ‘uncle Google’ tells us). It is also ...
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