Air travel tips

Air Travel Tips CategoryThe ultimate guide to air travel tips is the series of articles which are all you need to know to before entering the airplane. Among others, you will find there:

  • how to pick the best seat?
  • how to keep a good shape during a long-haul flight?
  • and more…

Air travel tips posts

Best Travel Accessories - Featured Image

Best Travel Accessories – My Own Set of Travel Gear

Since more than three years part of my life is traveling – in particular business traveling. ¼ of my time ...
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No Win No Fee Flight Compensation - featured image

No Win No Fee Flight Compensation – How it Works?

Have you ever heard about no win no fee flight claims companies? If not, then you have a great opportunity ...
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10 Business Travel Hacks To Make Your Life Easier - featured image

10 Business Travel Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

I've started to travel in business a few years ago. Now, taught by experience, I'm going to share with you ...
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Facts and Figures Based Shopping

Universal Carry On Size – Facts and Figures Based Shopping

Guess what - I'm going to buy a carry on bag. Well, you can say that's nothing special, but check ...
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The Most Punctual Airlines in 2018

The Most Punctual Airlines in 2018

Traveling is all about time. The more you are able to predict how long will it take to get to ...
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Business travel tips to reduce 7 types of waste.

Business travel tips to reduce 7 types of waste.

Why do we search the web for business travel tips and travel hacks? The answer is simple - because traveling ...
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Lufthansa premium economy - A340

Lufthansa Premium Economy Review

Last week I had the opportunity to fly in Lufthansa Premium Economy on the route Munich - Mexico City. In ...
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air china premium economy

Air China Premium Economy review

Long-haul flight in the Economy class is a kinda hard experience, especially when you travel like that very often. Therefore ...
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tom stuker article

Tom Stuker – the king of frequent flyers.

Recently, I was wondering about the frequency of my business trips compared to other employees on similar positions as mine ...
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difference between economy and premium economy

The Difference Between Economy and Premium Economy – The Ultimate Comparison of Long-haul Travel Classes.

Recently I was trying to find some comprehensive data about different travel classes. I found what I was searching for ...
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booking class code

All you need to know about your booking class code

Recently, I was trying to use my Miles and More voucher to upgrade my travel class for a long-haul flight ...
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health risks of flying

All you need to know on the health risks of flying

The benefits of flying keep your mind at ease as you think of all the things you will be doing ...
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airport security

All you need to know about the airport security check

Airport security - I have mixed feelings about them... I love them, and sometimes I hate them. I love them ...
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best flight apps

17 best flight apps in 2018

We use our smartphones to communicate, navigate, take photos, emails, booking, checking the weather forecast. playing games and many other things ...
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what to eat before a flight

What to eat before a flight?

It's 3 o'clock in the morning. The alarm clock is ringing in your phone. You wake up. In 3 hours ...
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best way to prevent jet lag

What is the best way to prevent jet lag?

Long haul flights enable you to skip multiple time zones very fast. The problem is that your body does not ...
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Best seats in airplane

Best seats in airplane and more – how to maximize comfort on a long flights

It's been a while since I took my first long-haul flight. At that time, I was really newbie on this topic and ...
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