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I’ve opened today my email, and the first mail on the list was from Google Maps Timeline. The content of this email triggered me to write this article. I thought that’s a perfect summary of my 2019 travel life from the perspective of a travel tracking app.

Location History

Just at the beginning, Google said that I’m receiving this email because my Location History setting is turned on in my Google Account settings.

Everybody can check his own Google Maps Timeline using this link (of course first you have to be logged in on your Google account). This is a really good travel tracking app.

The screen of my Google Maps Timeline

As you know – I love numbers and data, so I just smiled and started to look at my stats from 2019. Lucky you – I’m going to share it with you today.

My 2019 Summary From Google

The first graph in the email shows the world map with pins of my visits.

Then I found some stats about my activities…


In this statistic, I found a mismatch between the data and real life. I hate riding the bike – that’s true. The number of kilometers in the bike log looks right.

But regarding walking / running, it’s completely faulty as I was running a lot in 2019. I guess this might be caused by the fact that I was running on a treadmill many times. Since it counts only the distance, I was not moving in google meaning.


Next, I found some highlights from the countries and cities which I have visited:

Then Google compiled some picks from places and trips – nothing special as one of the highlighted places was my local cinema ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

4 Times Around the Globe

The most interesting was the fact that I traveled the globe almost 4 times in 2019… I said, wow!

and that was it regarding the email from Google.

I could stop here with my 2019 diary…

But that’s not the end. To resume totally my 2019 I need one additional component – my flights in 2019.

To track that I use MyFlightradar24 – it’s on my list of Best Frequent Flyer Tools, I recommend you to check later what other interesting things are there.

Flights Travel Tracking App Summary

According to myFlightradar24, in 2019 I had 68 flights, I traveled ~114 000 miles in the air and I’ve spent almost 11 days just in the air… Pretty busy year.

Wrap Up

That would be all. Thanks for reading and stay tuned on my next posts.



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