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I’ve decided to drop a few lines to warn you about the coming Lufthansa’s strike in Germany and give you some advice on how to get Lufthansa strike compensation for any issues with your flight caused by this event.

I’m writing this text on Tuesday the 5th of November 2019. It means that tomorrow on the 6th of November, Lufthansa will start 48-hour flight attendants strike. The announcement says that affiliate airlines including Eurowings and SunExpress could also be affected.

Airlines Strike Alert

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Keep Calm and Apply for Compensation

I’m really sorry for those of you who will departures from Germany tomorrow as these airports will be mainly affected. To comfort you in your sorrow, please remember that you are eligible for strike compensation if the airline has control over the staff that is on strike.

You would leave empty-handed if airport security staff or air traffic controllers would be on strike. But as Lufthansa’s flight attendants are definitively under Lufthansa’s control, therefore here comes good news – you can apply for compensation for disrupted flights caused by Lufthansa strike on the 6th of November 2019.

Keep Calm and Apply for Compensation

What kind of benefit you can get from applying for Lufthansa strike compensation? Well, the amount of compensation depends on your flight distance – you can expect compensation from 125 EUR up to 600 EUR.

Applying for Lufthansa Strike Compensation

There are two ways to apply for compensation:

  • Lone Wolf style – you do it on your own
  • A-Team style – you are supported by professional flight claim management company

Guess which way I prefer?

Yes, you’re right – I ask the flight claim management company to represent my case in front of the airline.

Why? I used to claim on my own. You can read my story on that in one of my previous articles where I failed twice to apply for my compensation and finally, I forwarded my case to the company Airhelp – the leader of the flight claim management market with a great reputation and they won for me the money.

That was the first time they did it. Later on, I filed two more and also – success. Currently, we are trying to get compensation for me for the delayed flight to Brazil but here we need to take the legal action as the airline does not want to cooperate.

No Win, No Fee Companies

Even going to the court does not mean costs for you. Airhelp works in the no win, no fee model. They charge you nothing unless they win your case.

If the claim is successful they charge you 35% of the compensation. But here is the exclusive deal for my audience – as I’m working with these guys for a long time, those who will use my link and apply for compensation with Airhelp will get a 10% discount. It means that if Airhelp will win your case, they will charge you only 25% of the money they won for you.

Good Luck Tomorrow

Hopefully, all of you will get to your destination on time in the next days.

In case it’s not like that, take my advice and fight for your passenger rights.

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