Video Conferencing Guidebook

In 2020 the business travels world has changed for a very long time. Many of us had to switch from face to face meetings into video conferencing and remote work or home office. I had to do the same and that’s I collected all my articles about how to improve video conferencing experience into one category. You will learn from here, among others:

  • is it worth to pay for conferencing software or better stay with the free alternatives,
  • how to pick the best headset for video conferencing,
  • which video cameras are the best to consider for video calls,
  • why the good video conference speaker is a good alternative for headphones,
  • tips and tricks to have the best video calls experience,
  • and more…

Posts About Video Conferencing

Best Conference Call Speaker

Best Conference Call Speaker in 2021 – Top Models Review

With this post, I will continue my call conference hardware exploring in search of the best equipment for call and ...
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Best Video Conference Camera in 2020

Best Video Conference Camera in 2020 – Top Models Review

It's almost mid of August and the world is still somehow locked. Travel restrictions blocked significantly all business travels with ...
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GoToMeeting Review

GoToMeeting Review – Good Enough To Substitute Business Travel

As you might notice, currently I'm quite deep in the video conferencing software. That's mainly caused by the Covid-19 situation ...
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Conference Call Tips for Better Productivity

Conference Call Tips for Better Productivity

Today, I will serve you a portion of conference call tips to go smooth through your video calls. Enjoy ...
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Best Conference Call Headset in 2020

Starting from March, the rest of 2020 will be definitely not a year of business traveling for me. But on ...
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Best Video Conference Software – Alternative For Business Travels

As COVID-19 is spreading all across Europe and the US, all business travels are suspended, borders are closed and aircraft ...
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