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booking class code

All you need to know about your booking class code

Recently, I was trying to use my Miles and More voucher to upgrade my travel class for a long-haul flight to Beijing but my request was rejected. The man on the phone told me that my booking class N does not allow him to give me this upgrade... a man learns something new every day ...
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health risks of flying

All you need to know on the health risks of flying

The benefits of flying keep your mind at ease as you think of all the things you will be doing in the new location. You get to see exotic places, visit friends and relatives you haven’t seen for years and you get to rack up frequent flyer mileage. But there is a downside to flying, especially when you are on long-haul flights going from one continent or country to another. The health risks of flying are well-known but I think it's worth to collect them all in one place to know what are we dealing with ...
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Places to visit in Barcelona

Places to Visit in Barcelona When You Have a One Week Off.

Still wondering where to take your wife or girlfriend for a short vacation? Let me give you advice -  take her to Barcelona. I visited this beautiful city with my lovely wife two months ago, in May. This trip was so good that I decided to share with you our experience and recommend some of the must-see places to visit in Barcelona. We have been there for one week visiting these incredible attractions listed below. Also, read on to know some Barcelona "hacks"  to save your precious time... Have fun 🙂  ...
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US flight delay compensation

US flight delay compensation – a step by step guide on how to get yours

Maybe not everyone but roughly over 900 000 airline passengers per year qualify for some sort of compensation when their flights have been delayed. According to Henrik Zillmer, founder, and CEO of Airhelp, only 15% of total passengers receive compensation. The rest 85% is left with no money because of the following reasons: they do not know about their rights or they do not know how to file the complaint in the right way. But don't worry - this article will explain to you how to deal with US flight delay compensation ...
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what to do in shanghai

What to do in Shanghai if you have two days free?

Shanghai is the biggest city proper in the world (at least that’s what ‘uncle Google’ tells us). It is also one of the biggest economic, financial and trading centers in Asia. If you’re doing any business in China, there’s a high chance that you’ll end up going just there. Or, that it will at least be your point of entry since one of the three main international airports in China is in Shanghai (aside from Beijing and Shenzhen). Have you ever wondered what to do in Shanghai during your business trip, when you have one or two days free to spend in Shanghai? Here are some ideas… ...
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airport security

All you need to know about the airport security check

Airport security - I have mixed feelings about them... I love them, and sometimes I hate them. I love them because they protect my air travel from all sorts of disasters. They have to weed out the bad passengers and let the good ones fly safely to their destinations. I hate them because they are intrusive, ask weird questions and make me throw out my precious cargo like power banks, shampoo, and other liquids. Most people think that tough airport security started with 9/11. But that is not true. Airport security started to get tough long before 9/11. It all started when small groups of people called hijackers decided to change the destination of hundreds of passengers mid-flight. Hijacking became prevalent through the 70s and 80s and the ongoing events motivated airport security to beef up its security protocols and inspections. Over the years, these regulations became stricter and stricter ...
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best souvenirs

The best souvenirs to buy in Asia, Europe and America

Whenever I travel in business to a country I have never been before I'm trying to grab some of the best souvenirs as giveaways for my family and friends. Buying local souvenirs also helps me to remember the trip for years to come. The problem with a business trip is that you are always in hurry. You have limited time to pick the right thing which will best reflect the local culture and local habits ...
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best flight apps

17 best flight apps in 2018

We use our smartphones to communicate, navigate, take photos, emails, booking, checking the weather forecast. playing games and many other things. That's 100% true, but I think you could agree with me, that only really good apps installed on your mobile can bring a valuable user experience. There are millions of apps and only a small percentage is useful, user-friendly and robust. Therefore I always consider as a value if somebody recommends me a good mobile app. Having this in my mind I'm giving you the list of apps which help me to survive each air travel. Read on to know the best flight apps ...
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delayed baggage compensation

What You Need to Know About Lost or Delayed Baggage Compensation – The Ultimate Guide.

Almost 2,6% of passengers claim mishandling of their baggage. Mishandling means that your bags are either lost or will arrive later due to some problems at the departure airport. But don't worry too much. It can be not so bad as it looks like and in this article, you will learn how to turn this situation in your favor by applying for lost or delayed baggage compensation ...
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denied boarding compensation

Denied boarding compensation – the ultimate guide

I guess you know that when it comes to flights, sometimes things don’t go as planned... Therefore denied boarding compensation is the least that an airline can do for you in exchange for your inconvenience. And believe me, this can cause some stress including boarding another flight, rebooking or coming back home a day or more later than expected. The consequences may cost you much or at least you will disappoint your family or partners... This ultimate guide on denied boarding is a part of my series of articles called Flight claim compensation and will give you all necessary information about what to do if you face this issue on your own. Read on for the answers and other relevant details ...
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Top Flight Claim Companies - Featured Image

Top Flight Claim Companies – How to Pick the Best Flight Claim Management Company? (update: February 2020)

Hi again! In this post, I'm collecting the major players on the flight claim management market to make a small summary which should help you to pick the best one. All featured companies run their business in the no win, no fee model. It means that you pay nothing unless they will win your case. This article is a part of my flight delay compensation guidebook where you can find more detailed posts on how to apply for the flight claim compensation ...
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What to do if flight is cancelled

What to do if flight is cancelled?

If you check the recent numbers on flight delays you can find out that it's not a rare event. Just in April 2018, 36 736 flights were canceled globally and 10 664 just in Europe. This is ~2% of the whole air traffic. It means that one of 50 flights are canceled. Is it a lot? Whatever your answer is, I think it is better to know the what to do if flight is cancelled? before it will be canceled ...
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what to eat before a flight

What to eat before a flight?

It's 3 o'clock in the morning. The alarm clock is ringing in your phone. You wake up. In 3 hours you should be on a plane heading to your destination. You know this situation, don't you? Because it's quite early in the morning, your stomach is not demanding any food. So the question appears - should I skip my breakfast? Yeah, that's really a headache. Answering the question "what to eat before a flight?" is not so easy. I will share with you my experience based on numerous trials. I will tell you what works for me and what not. But remember, this what works for me is not necessarily good for you ...
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How to say hello in different languages

How to say hello in different languages – basic phrases which will impress your business partners

Say Ni hao! to greet people in China and you will earn their respect. This is common in all countries all over the world. People appreciate when you know a few words in their own language. They see it more positive the more difficult the language is. By knowing at least how to say hello in different languages you show that you are not ignorant and you respect local culture ...
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tips for booking flights

5 tips for booking flights in 2018

Many things can happen during the trip but some of them can be fixed many days before you will leave your house. As people are saying: always assure, never assume. That's why, after my last setback with flights booking, I decided to share with you my top 5 tips for booking flights ...
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best way to prevent jet lag

What is the best way to prevent jet lag?

Long haul flights enable you to skip multiple time zones very fast. The problem is that your body does not follow so quick and you get something that is called jet lag. In simple words - jet lag plays with your biological clock and that the problem. Your body uses this clock to navigate when to release hormones that help you sleep, or wake you up by increasing your body temperature in the morning. When it's disturbed, you can feel symptoms like insomnia, fatigue, daytime sleepiness or mild nausea. These symptoms aren’t dangerous, but they can impact your mood. In this post you will be able to find the best way to prevent jet lag ...
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Plane delay compensation

Flight Delay Compensation Step by Step for EU Flights (update: May 2019)

If you ever traveled by airplane, it could happen that your flight was delayed, canceled, rebooked, you missed connecting flight or you were denied boarding. Then you should know that there are laws which entitle you to remuneration, even after 3 years since it happened. This post is the first from the series of articles about applying for compensation for delayed or cancelled flight. The series will contain valuable information about flight delay compensation and how you should proceed to get what you need in simple steps ...
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Best seats in airplane

Best seats in airplane and more – how to maximize comfort on a long flights

It's been a while since I took my first long-haul flight. At that time, I was really newbie on this topic and my understanding was that 10 hours in the air should not be that bad. Yes, I was pretty much wrong and the result was that I was always leaving the plane tired and angry. A few years later I decided to collect all of the good to know hints like how to pick best seats in airplane or what to take on board and share with you ...
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How to pack for a business trip

How to Pack for a Business Trip and Don’t Forget Anything

It is not a secret that what you will pack into your suitcase will make your trip pleasant or will turn it into a nightmare. In this post, you will find all the ideas on how to pack for a business trip, in a nutshell ...
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Using WhatsApp in China

Using WhatsApp in China – how to stay connected behind Great Wall

I remember my first trip to China and how I was surprised when I noticed that the majority of my favorite apps and websites did not work - at all. I knew that Google is banned so I could forget about Gmail, YouTube, Google Keep and unfortunately Google Translate (pretty good for the Chinese language). But also Facebook and Dropbox did not work. The worst news is that recently also using WhatsApp in China became banned. That was new for me ...
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