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My 2019 From the Travel Tracking App Perspective Featured Image

My 2019 From the Travel Tracking App Perspective

I've opened today my email, and the first mail on the list was from Google Maps Timeline. The content of this email triggered me to write this article. I thought that's a perfect summary of my 2019 travel life from the perspective of a travel tracking app ...
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Jack Wolfskin Moab Jam Review

Jack Wolfskin Moab Jam Review – Best Backpack for Skiing

In a couple of weeks, I'm going skiing with my family and I thought that it's a great opportunity to buy a new skiing backpack. That's how I replaced my old bag with a brand new, 34 liters capacity Jack Wolfskin Moab Jam ...
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to All Business Travelers!

I'm having now a few days off and I thought that it would be good to write a few words to you guys. I wish you all a really relaxing holiday time, all flights on time, and a bunch of great travel gadgets under the Christmas Tree. Take care, charge your batteries and see you after Christmas! regards, Lucas Featured image source: pixabay.com ...
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Traveling With Diabetes – Freestyle Libre Review

I'm diabetic, and it is really not that easy when you travel a lot with frequent time zones changes. In this article, I'm going to write a little bit about how I'm dealing with traveling with diabetes and share with you my experience with my latest discovery - Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system called Freestyle Libre ...
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5 Days in Valencia - featured image

5 Days in Valencia – Short October Break

Three weeks ago I was in Valencia catching last warm and sunny days in Europe. Today, finally I overcome my procrastination in writing the short summary from my 5 days in Valencia trip in October ...
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Lufthansa Strike Compensation featured image

Lufthansa Strike Compensation – How to Get Yours

I've decided to drop a few lines to warn you about the coming Lufthansa's strike in Germany and give you some advice on how to get Lufthansa strike compensation for any issues with your flight caused by this event ...
Frequent Flyer Tools - featured image

Frequent Flyer Tools – The Best Online Tools for Travelers

After traveling over 400,000 miles in the clouds I can tell you what are the best frequent flyer tools - online apps and websites that will help you save tones of your precious time. I use each of those every time I'm traveling ...
Best Way to Pay Abroad - Featured Image

Best Way to Pay Abroad – My Experience With Revolut

I'm really sick of crazy high bank's commissions for cash withdrawal or foreign exchange spreads applied by my bank when paying with a credit card abroad. I started to search for other solutions and finally, I found the best way to pay abroad. Read on to know more ...
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Gamescom 2019 - Featured Image

Gamescom 2019 – Visiting World Biggest Games Trade Fairs With Kids

I always wanted to visit the world's biggest game fairs - Gamescom 2019. Like my kids, I'm a big fan of games and this time I could not miss it again. Today I'm going to share with you some pictures and videos from this event ...
Legoland Deutschland - Featured Image

Legoland Deutschland – Visiting the Park With Family

This summer I took my kids to Germany. The first priority destination was Cologne where we wanted to visit Gamescom 2019 - the biggest games fair trade in the world. Taking the opportunity of going to Germany, we decided to jump in for two days to Legoland Deutschland ...
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Flight Delay Compensation Calculator

Flight Delay Compensation Calculator Based on EU241 Directive

Today I'm going to share with you the on-line Flight Delay Compensation Calculator which you can use to determine if the airline owes you some cash in return for your inconvenience caused by plane delay or flight cancelation. It's just the must-have tool and knowledge for each frequent traveler ...
What to See in Warsaw - 3 Days Travel Itinerary Featured Image

What to See in Warsaw – 3 Days Travel Itinerary

This time I wanted to show to my kids, for the first time, the capital of Poland - Warsaw. That was the first part of our trip. Later on, we went to Germany to visit Legoland and Gamescon in Cologne. But today I will tell you what to see in Warsaw and why it's worth to visit Poland ...
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ANAC Resolution 400 Flight Compensation - Passenger Rights in Brazil

ANAC Resolution 400 Flight Compensation – Passenger Rights in Brazil

In this article, I'm going to tell you what are your rights in case your Brazilian flight is delayed, canceled or you will be denied boarding. I'm going to squeeze the text and provide just essentials on what you can expect from Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency ANAC Resolution 400 - the law which entitles you to compensation for the disrupted flight. Just to drag your attention - the compensation can be up to 1300$, so it's worth to know more. ...
Vaccination for Travellers - How to Prepare and Survive Exotic Business Trip

Vaccination for Travelers – How to Prepare and Survive Exotic Business Trip

Between 20% to 40% of travelers visiting tropical or developing countries get diarrhea and 1% will get ill with malaria. That's why I'm going to give you some advice on vaccination for travelers. And believe me, if you travel a lot, it's worth to read it ...
Best Travel Accessories - Featured Image

Best Travel Accessories – My Own Set of Travel Gear (Updated: September 2019)

Traveling has been a big part of my life in recent years – in particular, business traveling. And still is - ¼ of my time I’m away of home. By this time I've flown more than 450 000 miles and used so many bags, backpacks, gadgets, and accessories that I can say with full confidence - I am an expert in business traveling. And here is the reason why I created this blog - to share with you all my experience from those trips. I want to tell you what to do to make it more efficient and save some of your precious time. This post is my summary on travel accessories. Take a look at at the list of best travel accessories for business trips (and not only) – the stuff I use and take always with me. These things make life a lot easier and solve a lot ...
One Week in Amsterdam - featured picture

What to See Having One Week in Amsterdam

Some time ago I agreed with my wife that we will visit at least one European city each year. Just the two of us – no kids allowed. This time we decided to visit Amsterdam for the first time. Needless to say that it was a really great choice and today you can find out about it as I’m going to give you a full relation of this trip. Read on to know how did we spend our one week in Amsterdam ...
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No Win No Fee Flight Compensation - featured image

No Win No Fee Flight Compensation – How it Works?

Have you ever heard about no win no fee flight claims companies? If not, then you have a great opportunity to know more as today I'm going to interview Ms. Koziarz from Airhelp - no win no fee flight compensation management company ...
Backpacking in Iceland - featured image

Backpacking in Iceland – How to Visit the Whole Country in Two Weeks

Two weeks ago, my friends asked me if I could give them some tips regarding backpacking in Iceland. As I realized that I have a lot to tell about that, it triggered an idea to put this all together as a blog post and share with the world. So here it is - my story about backpacking in Iceland ...
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10 Business Travel Hacks To Make Your Life Easier - featured image

10 Business Travel Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

I've started to travel in business a few years ago. Now, taught by experience, I'm going to share with you the 10 most valuable business travel hacks which will allow you to avoid many troubles and inconveniences ...
Facts and Figures Based Shopping

Universal Carry On Size – Facts and Figures Based Shopping

Guess what - I'm going to buy a carry on bag. Well, you can say that's nothing special, but check how I did my research to pick the universal carry on size - this is a pretty unique approach IMHO worth sharing ...
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