Flight delays map around the globe

Below map contains the current status of flight delays for major airports in the world.

Quick usage guide of flight delays map

  1. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out the map,
  2. To move the map, click and hold the mouse button, then move the mouse to change the view,
  3. Click on the airport to know the actual status of delays and weather conditions.
Flight Tracker courtesy of FlightAware.com

Airlines On-Time Performance

This is another quite useful chart – flightstats.com interactive graph shows the on-time performance of major airlines worldwide.

Compensation for delayed flights

If your flight is delayed or canceled you can apply for remuneration.

In case your flight from or to European Union is on delay more than 3 hours, then you can apply for your flight delay compensation for EU flights.

If your flight is US flight then read on what to do in this case in my article on US flight delay compensation – a step by step guide on how to get yours.

In case you have suffered in any other way from your flight’s disturbance, check my section of “All you need to know” articles dedicated to Flight claims.  It’s a guidebook where you will find all the necessary information on what to do when:

  • your flight is in delay
  • or cancelled,
  • you were denied of boarding

If you don’t want to fight for your compensation alone, you can use the services of companies claim management companies like Airhelp or Claim Flights. They operate base on “no gain, no fee” rule. This means that you do not pay them any money unless they win your case – then they take some portion of your compensation.

This is the easiest way to get your money. Your involvement is minimized to fill in the web form and that’s it. To know more about this, read on my article on the top flight claim management companies on the market.

Flight delay compensation