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Whenever I travel in business to a country I have never been before I’m trying to grab some of the best souvenirs as giveaways for my family and friends. Buying local souvenirs also helps me to remember the trip for years to come. The problem with a business trip is that you are always in hurry. You have limited time to pick the right thing which will best reflect the local culture and local habits.

Unfortunately, when you have less time, you end up a with a magnet for your refrigerator… I’m writing about efficient business traveling so I had to do some research on what are the best souvenirs to buy in Asia, Europe and America to buy right things in less time by knowing what you want or at least what you should look for in the store.

This article will not just help you to do your shopping really fast but it will also give you some ideas about the things you can buy for your near and dear ones. Links in each souvenir description will lead you to interesting blogs or explanations in Wikipedia which will enable you to know more about these interesting things.

Read on to know the best souvenirs to buy in Asia, Europe, and America:

Leather goods in Italy

If you are planning to visit Italy and wondering what to bring for your family members, then leather goods are what you should look for. It is one of the best souvenirs to buy in Italy. While roaming in the outdoor markets, you will come across many shops that sell leather goods. You can buy belts, bags or notebooks and many other items made of leather. You can also visit San Lorenzo Market in Florence, which is one of the best markets to buy leather goods in Italy.

Mozartkugeln in Austria

best souvenirs

Originally created in the year 1890 in Salzburg, Mozartkugeln is the best thing to take back home with you from Austria. These mouthwatering chocolate-coated truffles will blow your mind with its pistachio-flavored filling of nougat and marzipan. This is undoubtedly the best souvenirs to buy in Austria. Your family and friends will surely love it.

Handheld Fan in Spain

These fans need no introduction as you must have watched them in movies and Spain’s dance form. These handheld fans are beautifully designed and come in intriguing color options. You will also come across many women and travelers holding these fans while walking down the roads in Spain. So, why not bring some of these for your near and dear ones as well? You will get hundreds of options to choose from and every time you will look at these fans, they will take you back to your memories from Spain. I know what I’m talking about –  together with my wife, we’ve visited Barcelona for one week in 2018. Reading my article on Places to visit in Barcelona having just one week off you will know some useful tips from us.

Delftware in the Netherlands

Delftware from the Netherlands is undoubtedly the best souvenir to take home. It is an exquisite blue and white pottery, which looks absolutely magnificent and instantly catches your attention. It is named after the city, Delft, where it gets manufactured. You will come across a wide variety of Delftwares which include teapots and many unique decorative statues. These delftwares look absolutely amazing when you put them as a decorative in your house. You will surely receive various compliments from all your guests.

Matcha in Japan

best souvenirs

Japan, the land of the rising sun is worldwide known for its tea and is home to some of the finest leaves in the world. When on a trip to Japan, don’t forget to buy Matcha, a powder made by green tea leaves, which is mainly used in tea ceremonies in both Japan and China. Not only this, it can also be added to desserts and beverages for its amazing flavor and health benefits.

Silk Products in Thailand

best souvenirs

Thai silk makes the best souvenirs due to its richness and fine quality. Made using the special hand weaving process, Thai silk products are a perfect gift to give to women in your family. The soft silk fabric is widely used to prepare items like handbags, scarves, cushion cover, bags, wallets and a lot more. The beauty of the Thai silk is that it is amazingly soft and is available in bright and vibrant colors. You will have hundreds of products and color options to choose from.

Wine from the Napa Valley in California

best souvenirs

If you are looking for some of the finest wines to bring back home, then California is absolutely the right place for you. You will get the best wine here from its famous vineyards in Napa Valley. Other than exploring the vineyards and tasting the wine, you can also buy a few bottles of the finest wines for your friends and relatives. They are the best souvenirs to buy in California.

Mass in Germany

best souvenirs

When it comes to Germans, the first thing that comes to our mind is their love for beer. In fact, if you go to Germany, you will be surprised to know that the beer is cheaper than the water in most of the places there. You will also come across the big beer glass mug, which is popularly known as Mass in Germany. Also, if you visit Hofbräuhaus in Munich, don’t forget to buy these glass mugs that come with HB written on it in blue color. These glass mugs are the best souvenirs to gift to your friends who love beer.

Licitar Heart in Croatia

Licitar heart, thanks to its popularity, it is available at all places in Croatia. You can easily find these amazing looking and tempting heart shaped cakes almost anywhere in Croatia. Prepared using flour, yeast, water, and sugar, Licitar heart is the best thing to buy here. They are mostly available in vibrant red color. The smaller version of these also makes a perfect ornament to decorate Christmas trees. So, next time you visit Croatia, make sure you take some of these cakes with on your way back to home. Your family will love these.

Tea and Tibetan-inspired Jewelry in China

best souvenirs

China is known for its rich tea culture and tea-related products, which are the best souvenirs to buy when you visit China. While walking down the streets of China, you can also check out the fancy Tibetan-inspired jewelry, beautifully designed using blue and orange stones. These are also the best souvenirs to give to the ladies in your house or your female friends. The jewelry is intriguing and unique in its own way. You can buy rings, bracelets or neckpiece; the choice is all yours. Some other things to buy in China include chopsticks, silk products, and Cloissone.

Wooden Spoon in Romania

This might surprise you, but Romania is a home to one of the world’s best wooden spoons due to its intriguing design and art. Earlier used for practical purposes, these spoons have now become a decorative material and are the best souvenirs to buy in Romania. The beauty of these spoons is that they are handmade, carved so beautifully and is available in different designs. From animals, roosters to religious symbols, you will find many amazingly crafted spoons in Romania.

Amber in Poland

Most commonly found in Gdańsk, the Polish port city, amber is also widely known as the Baltic gold. It is the best souvenir to buy for the females in your house. While walking down the streets of Gdańsk, you will come across many boutiques that sell these unique jewelry sets made of tree resins. They are unique in design and attract women from all over the world. If you are one of those lucky people, you might also get to attend the amber fair that showcases the jewelry from around 215 vendors.

Evil Eye beads in Greece

Evil Eye beads hold a religious significance to locals in Greece and it is believed that these beads help in keeping the misfortune and evils away. This unique evil eye (mati) is a symbol that dates back to the ancient history of Greece. So, if you want to buy something that is close to the Greece culture, then these evil eye beads are the best souvenirs to buy in Greece.

Camembert cheese in France

When it comes to France, travelers mostly think of buying Eiffel tower keyrings or antiques. But that’s not all; there are a lot of other things that you can buy as a souvenir in France. One such great souvenir option you have is Camembert cheese. Prepared using cow’s milk, this cheese is undoubtedly the best thing to buy if you visit the northern region of Normandy. This is truly one of the best souvenirs to buy in France.

Best souvenirs to buy in the U.S.A

Since U.S.A is a big country that has around 50 states, below we are listing some of the best souvenirs to buy in some of the popular states of America:

  • Diamonds in Arkansas
  • Turquoise and silver jewelry in Arizona
  • Ulu Knife in Alaska
  • Heart of Dixie tote in Alabama
  • Knot accessories in Connecticut
  • Macadamia chocolates in Hawaii

So, that’s it. Whenever I will find something other worth to add here I will update this article.

Final word

Souvenirs are not just good for reviving the memories of your trip, but they are also the great way to tell your loved ones that you care and to show your affection to them. So, whenever you plan your business trip to someplace, don’t forget to keep the above-listed souvenirs in mind and make sure you buy something that is close to the culture and tradition of the place you are visiting. And please, don’t forget to book some space in your luggage for those precious things you are going to buy, I wrote about it in my How to pack for a business trip guide so you can read it also to get some extra hacks on how to save some space.

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