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Hi, My name is Lucas.

Thank you for being here – I’m really excited that you visited my business travel blog and I have this opportunity to share with you my experience in business traveling.

First I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Łukasz but please call me Lucas. I’m from Poland and due to the fact that I’m not a native English speaker, please apologize for my mistakes.

To prevent from a long and boring introduction I will tell you only a little bit about me and how the whole idea of a business trip blog has started.

Practice makes perfect

My job requires from me to travel worldwide at least once per month – it is like this for some time. First few months (or maybe a year) was quite difficult because I and my family had to adapt to such lifestyle. You can imagine – we all have some repetitive tasks at home,  some regular classes (if not you, then probably your kids have) and other fixed points during the week. Anyway, the day comes  – you need to pack yourself and go and believe me – the Murphy law works all the time. If you are out, all the bad things happen at that time…

Why Business Travel Blog?

Since then I managed to sort out most of the organizational problems related to my business traveling and I have some experience in that. Most of it comes from practice – on average 11 weeks on the road each year and 200 000 miles gives you some experience, isn’t it?

That’s why I came up with the idea for this blog. Some time ago I was traveling to Shanghai and having plenty of time in a plane (I just can’t sleep in planes) I was thinking that I could take all my experience, group it and share with others – I should start my own business travel blog.

There are plenty of business travel blogs out there on the internet but most of them act like companies saying “we”, not “I” and the language is more business, commercial. This is different here – my content is coming from the everyday routine of a single guy – me. With this blog, I’m describing my way in the business trip world.

So ok, that is how I came up with the idea on a blog, but just after the decision – Ok, I will do it, I had to group all this what I could share and turn it into something that could be useful for others. Then I came up with following:

Business travelling is a process

Base on this finding I built the architecture of my blog – it is a guide through the process.

Not depending on your business destination, not depending on the distance, each time you go for a business trip, you need to go through the following steps of this process:

  • Prepare your trip
  • Survive air travels
  • Be efficient at your destination
  • Deal with occurred problems

with my blog, you will get to know how to go through it in the most efficient way.

Waste and business travels

My professional job is all about processes,  continuous improvement, and efficiency improvement. I’m keen on methods like lean manufacturing, six sigma, and others. Not going into the details I can tell you that becoming efficient in a lean way means, to reduce waste (called in Japanese MUDA). There are seven types of wastes defined in lean:

  • excessive motion
  • overproduction (“just in case” mentality)
  • waiting
  • rework (do it “once” more)
  • excessive processing
  • excessive transportation
  • inventory

now, if you could remember you last business travel – how many types of above-mentioned wastes applies to your last trip? I guess plenty (if no, please write in a comment how you did it :-)).

This is the philosophy of this business travel blog – how to go through steps of the business travel process with waste reduced to the minimum.

Getting Started with Business Traveller Guide

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I hope you will like the Lean Traveller Guide and reading it will let you will know something useful.


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